Student Government Association to hold informational social


Image: Jenna Eason

SGA has plans for the year ahead. Photo by Jenna Eason.

Rylee Kirk, Advertising Manager

The Student Government Association is holding a free social for students who may be interested in the way the Student Government Association functions and its upcoming election process.

The social will be held on Feb. 28 at 6 p.m. in the Connell Student Center, conference room three.

Senators will be available to speak with students and there is a possibility of light refreshments.

In addition there will be an informal panel according to Faiz Aly, the chairman of public relations and elections for SGA.

“This will be very discussion based and no formalities,” Aly said.

SGA encourages all students to attend.

“Any Mercer student should seriously consider attending if they want to be part of Senate and speak on the student body’s behalf in all areas of campus life,” Aly said in an email.

Olivia Buckner, President of SGA,  said the social functions as a way for all students to ask any question they may have about SGA.

“This is going to be a casual get together, so to speak, for any concerns that can be raised,” Buckner said in an email.

This event was held last year, but was moved earlier to help inform students about SGA and the election process. Last year’s event broke attendance records, according to Buckner.

One of the reasons SGA holds this social is because the information needed to run a successful campaign may not be available otherwise.

“We will also go over the process of how to prep for the presidential and senatorial elections that will begin very soon.”

The event was not in existence when Aly and Buckner both ran as freshmen.

“I totally forgot to campaign,” said Aly about his first election process.

For presidential and vice presidential elections, the deadline to qualify is March 14, with the election on March 27 and 28.

The general elections date to qualify is March 29, with elections on April 3 and 4. These dates are subject to change, depending on a run off election.

“The purpose is for students to come and voice their concerns to senators, so I hope they talk,” Buckner said.