Enjoy coffee and music at Quadworks semi-annual Jit Jams

Jittery Joe’s Coffee shop is a popular study spot for Mercer students and coffee lovers alike. But on Feb. 9, it will transform into a stage for budding artists.

Jit Jams, the campus open mic night, will be hosted at Jittery Joe’s Coffee shop in Mercer Village.

The event is hosted by Mercer Quadworks once a semester and can vary from open mic style to having a set performance list.

Quadworks already has several regular singers for the event and are hoping to have several more sign up.

“They’re regular students that we usually get and they usually get really good crowd feedback,” Sa’Haara Bryant, Mercer Live committee chair, said.

Mercer Live, a part of Quadworks, is in charge of several musical events throughout the year including Jit Jams and Bearstock.

These performances will be mostly cover songs with a few original acts.

“Be it spoken word, be it singing, whatever they want,” Kimberly Gessner, from the Mercer Live committee said, “It’s really so that students can come together, have some coffee on [QuadWorks] and just kind of spend some time together and hear from each other.”

“It’s kind of fun to get different groups of people in here. It’s not just [students] staying to study,” Dustin Prater, general manager of Jittery Joe’s, said.

Quadworks has been hosting this event for several years now; featuring students from across different majors, backgrounds and talents. But the event isn’t just for performers, students and the general public can come out and enjoy the show.

“People come just to hang out and hear what other people are doing,” Gessner said.

While this is a beneficial event for the Mercer community, it also increases sales and exposure for Jittery Joe’s.

“A lot of people who may not come here, for a variety of reasons, now have a chance, an opportunity to come here and see what we’re about,” Prater said.

Interested performers can either fill out an interest form online or simply sign up when they arrive. The event will take place from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.