Mercer ultimate frisbee team wins championship game by one point


Image: Photo by Holly Wells

Tim Deremer prepares to pass the frisbee to another teammate.

Kianna Lanier, Contributing Writer

Mercer University’s intramural ultimate frisbee season came to an end with a championship win from undefeated Big Throws and ATOs. The season, which began on Oct. 9, concluded with a match-up between Big Throws and ATOs and DISCgraceful on Oct. 26.

Both teams played hard and refused to go down without a fight. The final score, 8-7, demonstrates the competition and hunger for victory from each team.

Captain of the winning team, Matthew Deremer, said from the start of the season he believed a championship win was possible, but he was aware of the fierce competition that his team could face from one opponent in particular.  

“I knew there was one other team out there that was going to give us a run for our money and we ended up meeting them in the finals,” Deremer said.

Big Throws and ATOs played DISCgraceful during the regular season and managed a win of 9-7, but when they met again in the championship, it was clear that DISCgraceful had been working hard and would not lose easily.

“They were usually pretty good at holding on to the frisbee until they scored, so it was kind of hard to get those turnovers to get the points we needed,” Deremer said.

Deremer is very familiar with the sport. He is the second of three brothers to play ultimate frisbee at Mercer. He said his knowledge of the sport and his ability to lead members of his fraternity, whom make up a majority of the team, are the characteristics that make him a good captain.

Deremer said he ultimately credits the win to each player on the team for their ambition and hard work.

“Everybody was out there to win so they were going to run their butts off no matter what was going on,” he said.  

While the team is happy about the win, Deremer emphasized that it was ultimately about the fun. His suggestion to anyone considering joining an ultimate frisbee team is to make sure they are enjoying themselves and bonding with teammates.

Timothy Deremer, of Big Throws and ATOs, seconds this notion.

He said his favorite part of the season was, “playing with friends he hadn’t played with before.”

He said that in the end, the success of the season is based on whether or not everyone had fun.