Bear Bites: Sabor Latino Mexican Restaurant


Image: Peter Garcia

Sabor Latino offers queso and salsa dip.

Will Darragh, Staff Writer

In the last Bear Bites, I covered a new taqueria downtown that featured impressive authentic street-style tacos. When I read on this restaurant’s website that their recipes had been authenticated by master chefs in the U.S. and Mexico, I had to take a quick five-minute drive up Riverside to try it.

Sabor Latino serves sabor Mexican, also known as Tex-Mex. The cuisine was created as a result of a fusion of American and Mexican traditions that exploded in border states like Texas and California before spreading to the rest of the U.S.

The dishes of Sabor do not vary too much from a traditional American-Mexican restaurant, and while their recipes may have been authenticated, they were on par with any above average Mexican place.


The Good

The Environment

Although the sombrero light fixtures might turn more serious eaters off, those who are just looking to enjoy a night out will enjoy the casual and fun atmosphere.

“It was a fun environment. I liked the bright colors and the music. There were plenty of TVs so you do not have to be social,” said photographer Peter Garcia.

The music playing was a stream of Spanish songs from a quinceañera, complete with the audio of a family commenting on the event as the songs went on. We thought that was hilarious.


The Spice

I hesitantly ordered a dish called Camerones a la Diabla, wondering whether or not the dish would actually be spicy. I was pleasantly surprised by shrimp cooked in an incredibly spicy and flavorful sauce.


The Questionable

The Food

The group consensus was that the food was only a bit above average as far as Tex-Mex goes.

“Normally, I don’t like beef tacos, but the beef I had in my taco was incredibly juicy. The flavor popped. Beef tacos are normally dry and bland, but this one had flavor,” said Cluster photographer Ethan Thompson.

While the food was flavorful and filling, it simply does not take anything to the next level.

“If the authenticity claim was true, I would expect the food to be better. It seemed about as good as the mass produced. I liked La Bella better,” said sophomore Fabian Kopp, who ate with me on the last Bear Bites.


The Bad

Overall Experience

While there was nothing bad to report, our overall experience was underwhelming.

There is a big difference between average Mexican food and excellent Mexican food. Sabor is somewhere just above average, and so while it might be a nice change of pace, it is not a must-try.



Will 3.5/5

Peter 3.5/5