It’s “About Time” I discovered Sabrina Claudio

Jabril Edmondson, Staff Writer

Among all genres of music, I feel that Rhythm and Blues (R&B) has the ability to be the most timeless. Hip Hop and Pop genres are a revolving door of styles and flows that consistently change the climate of the respective genre.

R&B doesn’t go through much drastic change, but it allows each artist to put their own spin on an everlasting genre. Sabrina Claudio fell onto my timeline and my love for R&B was invigorated.

Claudio is an emerging artist with only two official projects under her belt. Not only is her discography small, but both projects were released in 2017. Her most recent album “About Time” was released Oct. 7.

Although she is a fairly new artist, she managed to gain a following on SoundCloud. She is touring with 6lack on his North American tour.

Claudio is originally from Miami, Florida and resides in Los Angeles, California now. She moved to California to pursue her musical career and has since then been signed to SC Entertainment, a partner group of Atlantic Records.

Two of her songs off of “About Time” debuted on the Billboard Twitter Emerging Artist. “Unravel Me” debuted at No. 22 and “Belong to You” debuted at No. 2.

The first song I heard from Claudio was “Stand Still.” A music video accompanied the single, but her voice was the most beautiful aesthetic. An emphasis on the melancholic instrumentals combined with smooth, yet occasionally reverberated vocals was immediately intriguing.

I was excited to learn that her album contained a number of other songs that were praiseworthy. She sounds like an experienced artist who is comfortable in her vocal range and maintains her own originality.

Claudio explores love and relationships in most of the songs on her album. She also manages to not just discuss the pleasantries but also the negative aspects of falling in love.

In the song “Natural,” Claudio explains that while falling in love is scary and almost unavoidable, if it’s “natural” she’s willing to see it through. Only being 21, Claudio makes relatable music to most college students exploring themselves and relationships.

Lyrics like “I haven’t felt these butterflies since I don’t even know,” epitomize the infatuation associated with many blossoming college relationships.

Some of my favorite songs from the album are “Stand Still,” “Belong to You” and “Frozen.”

“Stand Still” was the first song I heard from Claudio, but “Belong to You” made me keep listening. In this song, she really showcases her talent. Vocally, in my opinion, she is among some of the best in the industry.

Also for an amateur artist, her musicality is impeccable. “Frozen” contains a guitar solo that fits perfectly in between her unblemished voice. The use of live instruments has diminished as synthesized music has become a norm.

Anytime I get the chance to experience live instruments, it excites me. Claudio’s album did an amazing job at using them to her advantage.

As an emerging artist, Claudio really impressed me. I’m excited to hear more from her and see her grow as an artist. It’s just “About Time” she gained some real industry traction.