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Moody Musings: How to make time for everything you committed to

I’ve talked to a number of people who have spent their week concerned about how they were going to successfully juggle everything they were signed up for. They were stressed, overwhelmed and completely capable of completing the tasks. They just didn’t have enough time in the day to do so.

Mercer students possess a hidden talent to balance a full schedule successfully, but around this time of the year, we watch our obligations grow in size and need.

With finals, the holidays and the end of the semester approaching, it’s almost as if everything is demanding double from us, especially our classes. It’s often not even a case of overbooking ourselves. It’s just allowing our time to catch up with us quicker than we expected it to.

It’s something we all deal with, but it’s also something we can mitigate and block off from causing us too much stress.


  1. First and foremost. Prioritize.

This may hurt, but you can’t do it all. You can’t do it all right now at least. Your first priority should be finishing your classes off strong and allotting yourself time to study and complete projects so that this happens. Prioritize your mental health. If you need to temporarily cut something out of your schedule to maintain your sanity and to make sure your mind is right for finals, do just that. Remember, you’re not alone and other people should understand your decision to prioritize yourself.

Technically, you could stop there, but if your case is a little worse than that, there are others steps you can take.

  1. Don’t let your to-do list get the best of you.

I’ve seen people get so bogged down with their schedules that they allow it to affect their mood, physical appearance and overall motivation to do anything at all. Sometimes we have to sit down and take some deep breaths. We have to decide whether or not everything we’re concerned about will even matter in a few weeks. If it won’t, move it to the bottom of your to-do list and commit time to it at a later date. Think about whether or not you can ultimately control the outcome of the situation that is stressing you out. If you can’t, let it go.

One of the most powerful sayings I’ve heard is, “You have survived 100 percent of your absolute worst days.” Hearing it made me want to smile immediately. I made it this far with everything I’ve dealt with, and today is just another opportunity to prove that I can add another day to that list.

  1. Lastly, this may sound easier than it is, but just do it.


We spend a lot of our time complaining and worrying about our obligations that can be spent actually completing the tasks. Sit down and start working on the first thing on your to-do list. Checking one thing off will make you feel a little better. Separate yourself from other people who are also feeling the same way as you do. Their energy is transferable, and it may not help your situation. Once you’ve gotten your mind right, just start and go until you’ve reached a break time. Don’t get so caught up in the emotions and your thoughts. We can sometimes be our biggest competitors because we talk ourselves out of doing what we know we’re capable of. Trust yourself and trust your process.

You’ve made it through midterms, homecoming, Halloween and your organization’s big event, so now it’s time to get your mind right and focus on your priorities. In due time, you will be a much better person, stress free and accomplished.

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