Celebrate Fall and October fun with these Arts and Entertainment events


Image: Photo by flickr user Alex Pearson

Scoop up your pup and drive down to baby Bosley’s birthday bash to spend time eating good food and petting cute pups to heal your college torn soul.

Elizabeth Daniels, Contributing Writer

Looking for something interesting and fun to help release that midterm stress this fall? Here’s a list of arts and entertainment events that will keep you entertained this month.


France-Atlanta is offering a variety of events throughout the entirety of October and early November to serve your cultural appetite! Enjoy innovative films, live performances, exhibitions and workshops that show how beautifully intertwined French culture is with the Southeast. Most events are free, so visit the site, take your pic and have a great time!


Get a jumpstart on Halloween festivities and test how genius you truly are at Nightmare Gate this weekend. The post-apocalyptic haunted house is set in the aftermath of an infectious disease that has decimated the hospital and now YOU have to escape and find the cure. Stop by this Friday or Saturday to find out if you’ll be a survivor…or a statistic.


As the title of this event says, come out and “enlighten” yourself on the issues surrounding the plight of veterans and gentrification while also learning about the healing power of art.  Professional artists lead panels and workshops about trends and how to aid your community through your passion. Mercer is all about giving back so learn how to better do that here!



Come out for Georgia’s premier Halloween bash in the most exciting part of Atlanta, Little Five Points.  Free food, free drinks, live entertainment, pumpkin carving and the coolest street vendors will make for an amazing weekend and best of all, it’s free.


Movie buff? Drive down the Synchronicity Theatre to enjoy premier horror films made by the world’s top filmmakers. From documentaries to short films to feature length pieces, whatever film you choose to delve into will be something you won’t see anywhere else. It’s guaranteed to leave a mark you’ll never forget.


Make a gorgeous glass pumpkin to celebrate and decorate for fall at Georgia’s premier glass-blowing site.


Looking for something more traditional yet still a little creepy this Halloween season? The Gates of Misery in Rome, GA is one of the scariest haunted houses in Georgia. The 12,000 square foot walk through a haunted house is filled with torture, torment, terrifying screams and nightmares you’re afraid to face in a dark for only $8. Are you brave enough?


Not into the scary and looking for something a little more wholesome this Halloween season? Scoop up your pup and drive down to baby Bosley’s birthday bash to spend time eating good food and petting cute pups to heal your college torn soul. Don’t have a dog? That’s fine! There’s plenty of adorable dogs to go around.