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Pinson is a floral designer, event planner, and event designer.

Business Spotlight: Mary Pinson Designs

October 5, 2017

Mary Pinson has had her business, Mary Pinson Designs, for 15 years. Now she’s finally got a studio to call her own.

Pinson is a floral designer, event planner and event designer. Her studio in downtown Macon opened on Sept. 7 and serves as the new workplace for her creativity. Before, she was working out of her house.

“My business started to grow. It started to take over my life and my house. So it’s nice to have a separation,” she said.

Jaclyn Ramkissoon
Pinson’s studio occupies the building that used to be Joshua Cup Coffee Shop.

Jaclyn Ramkissoon

The studio is located on Washington Avenue in the old Joshua Cup Coffee building. It’s designed with high ceilings, white walls, plenty of windows and a chandelier. Pinson has even uncovered the original floors.

“This has been a vacant space for a long time. So I think people are thrilled to see it be occupied and just’ve been really supportive. I’m really appreciative of that.”

Pinson’s personality shines through the new space and her work. She said she’s always trying to do something a little different.

Jaclyn Ramkissoon

Jaclyn Ramkissoon

“My style is very loose, and I like large-scale arrangements. I don’t worry about them too much and try to make them perfect,” Pinson said. “I just try to make them as creative as I possibly can, by using lights and things like that.”

Pinson graduated from the University of Alabama with a major in fashion design and a minor in art. She got into flowers after moving to Macon. She’s lived here for 25 years now with her husband and two kids.

Pinson said that her job allows her to balance work and family.

“It’s not a nine to five job…. I get the events ready, but I don’t necessarily work the events at night. I can still go to my son’s games and all of that stuff,” Pinson said.

According to Pinson, it’s been easy to grow her business through social media. She said people find her through Facebook, Instagram and her website. But Pinson said the hardest part of her job is time management.

“It’s a very time-constrained job. Everything’s got to be ready when the event starts, or when the bride walks down the aisle. And it’s all got to be perfect,” Pinson said. “Temperature matters. Flowers definitely behave differently in different temperatures. They have to have water; there’s all sorts of variable like that.”

Jaclyn Ramkissoon

Though time-constraining, Pinson said she loves being in the event industry.

“I did flowers for someone who asked their girlfriend to marry them the other night. I do engagement parties, I do anniversary parties, I do corporate events. It’s always normally a party. And it’s fun to be a part of people’s celebrations they have in their lives,” said Pinson.

Pinson has done flowers for Mercer’s own McDuffie Center for Strings.

Carol Williams, Associate Vice President of the Office of University Advancement, has worked with Pinson on these events.

“Her creative talents have equaled those of the world class students she has helped us showcase,” Williams said. “Creativity and east of interaction don’t always go together, but with Mary, I always know I will get a first-class result.”

Jaclyn Ramkissoon
Pinson’s new studio is located on 1090 Washington Ave.
Jaclyn Ramkissoon
Pinson recently opened her own studio on Sept. 7. She now creates outside of her home.

Pinson said her new studio space has attracted a lot of visitors and has helped her business grow. She hopes to start teaching floral classes in October, and eventually wants to travel and do events outside of Macon.

“I just work hard, I never give up. I try to stay motivated and I love what I do so it’s not even like working for me,” she said.

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