Business Insight: Comics Plus


Image: Flickr

Trevor Odom, Contributing Writer

The Avengers, Wonder Woman and Thor. All of these movies were first comics. You can find these and many more comic books at a comic book store in downtown Macon.

Comic Plus, owned by Will Peavy, moved to downtown Macon this summer. The store, which was previously on Northside Drive, isn’t a typical comic book store. The store sells comics, action figures, old game systems, video games and non-alcoholic beverages.

“We sell basically everything,” Peavy said.

Peavy said he has operated Comic Plus since 1987. He said he first bought it because he could not find a job. He said the idea to own a comic store came from his past.

“I was always a closet nerd,” he said.

The store’s inventory contains thousands of items that vary from being rare and quite expensive to simple reproductions of popular Marvel and DC comics. Even with all his years of experience in the comic business, Peavy said he doesn’t have a favorite comic.

“I don’t have a favorite comic because I don’t want to offend anyone,” he said.

Peavy said his store does more than just cater to comic book fans. With a variety of products, he said that Comic Plus is able to cater to a wide audience.

“We have a huge downstairs area that can fit up to 250 people. We rent it out as an event space,” he said.

Some of the events that occur in the space include games like Dungeons and Dragons, Pokemon, Warhammer and more. Peavy said groups will meet in this space to play against each other.

Peavy said he enjoys operating Comic Plus.

“The one unique thing about Comic Plus is that we focus on family, fun and being friendly,” he said.

Mercer sophomore Evan Gambill was impressed by the store.

“I can’t help but admire the commitment it takes to run a place like that,” he said.

Comic Plus is now located at 502 Cherry St, right across the street from the Rookery.

For more information concerning their hours and events, people interested can check out Comic Plus’ Facebook page.