Campus Creatives: Mercer Bears are making a name for themselves on and offline

Jayla Moody, Arts & Entertainment Editor

There are a few Mercer Bears that are making a name for themselves on Mercer’s campus and online. They have Youtube channels, and they’re producing videos that can help make the average college student’s life a little easier.


Arnelle Konde, encouragement and positivity vlogger


Arnelle Konde is a sophomore Global Health major with a minor in Africana Studies. On campus, she’s a part of The African Student Association and The Organization of Black Students. Konde is a native of Albany, Georgia.

Two months ago, she started a Youtube channel.

I make advice videos,” she said. “I want to talk about real topics and issues that people go through everyday that are too taboo to talk about.”

Konde also wants to share her personal experiences in life. Some discussions she’s ready to have: building confidence and facing colorism in society.

“My channel is going to have a little bit of everything for everyone,” she said.

Nelle Lovely

Konde is a regular Youtube viewer. She loves beauty and fashion vlogs, but hasn’t found many that are catered to encouragement and advice.

“I want to make videos that help people with whatever they are going through, but also have thought-provoking discussions with my peers so my subscribers can see different ways people can interpret things,” she said.

Konde wants to accumulate 15,000 subscribers in a year, and she wants to start with Mercer students. She just uploaded a video offering advice to incoming freshman and upperclassmen.  You can find her channel, Nelle Lovely, here:

Khalliday Muhammed, natural hair and healthy living Youtuber


Khalliday Muhammad is a sophomore Economics and Biology major with minors in French and Computer Science. On campus, she’s a part of P.O.I.N.T Blank, a spoken word and poetry organization, Women in Math and Science, the Muslim Students Association and she’s a manager for the Mercer Women’s Basketball Team.

When she’s not busy on campus, Muhammad produces youtube videos on her page, HappySoCurly.

She uploads videos about health, hair, skin and food. She’s taking a journey to a healthier life without it having to be expensive, and she wants to share it.


“I personally do this for myself, but the ultimate goal is to improve people’s lives,” she said. “I’m still developing my channel. Sooner or later I will get into vlogs.”

Muhammad has been making videos for a little over a year.

“I didn’t really upload much my first year, but what started my channel was the ideas that I had that made my life better and how I could show everyone how they could do the same,” she said.

Like most Youtubers, Muhammad wants more subscribers, but she wants them to benefit from the videos as well.

“I want to see results, which is why I encourage feedback and commentary in my videos,” she said.

Muhammad hopes to one day own her own business with primarily hair and skin products. She wants to be a holistic coach in the black community.

“I want my craft from my channel to give me that extra support and to let everyone know how much I have dedicated my personal experience to helping others,” she said.

Muhammad wants Mercer students to know that college is the best place to improve yourself before you step out into the real world.

You can start by checking out her channel, HappySoCurly.


Shelsea Chilumuna, travel vlogger


Shelsea Chilumuna is an Industrial Management and Economics double major with a minor in Business Administration. On campus, she serves as the Co-President and Co-founder of Girl Up and is a staff member at the ARC. Chilumuna is a native of Stockbridge, Georgia.

But, she’s traveled to many places.

Chilumuna has a youtube channel with her two sisters called Where is She. On their channel, they share their passion for traveling, fashion and “all things fun and a little crazy,” she said.  

They’ve had the channel for eight months now, and have been committed to providing different perspectives and age standpoints on the channel.

“We also did it because we figured it would be a fun way to collaborate and bond and look back on these memories when we are older,” she said.

They’re enjoying the journey of their channel, and can see growth in the channel after each video, she said.

There is something for all Mercer students on the channel.

“If you are going on vacation and want some ideas on what to see or do, watch our travel vlog series. If you want tutorials for skin care or braid outs, we have that. If you need help thinking of how to decorate your room or what to buy for school, we have a college series,” she said.

Her latest video is a college back to school lookbook. They also have an Instagram, @whereisshee.

Where Is She