Bear Bites: Wing N Burger Factory


Image: Peter Garcia

WNB Factory offers a variety of wing flavors at affordable prices.

Will Darragh, Staff Writer

Although I always enjoy farm-to-table restaurants, European bistros and molecular gastronomy venues, I still love classic unpretentious food like wings and burgers. As it turns out, there is a new restaurant in Macon whose name practically says unpretentious.

Located in the shopping center between Krispy Kreme Doughnuts and Kroger off of North Avenue, the Wing N Burger Factory has some of the best deals on wings and burgers in Macon.

The Good

The Price

Almost all of the meals on the menu are under $10. The 20-piece wing plate with fries is only $12.99, which is about half of what one might pay if they went to Wild Wings Cafe or Buffalo Wild Wings. A classic cheeseburger is under $5, which is, to me, as cheap as it gets.

The Wings

The wings are the best thing on the menu. They have a decent variety of flavors, but each one I tried had plenty of flavor. My only complaint was that they were a bit on the small side.

The Burgers

The burgers are somewhere between McDonald’s and Five Guys. It is a nice option if one wants a cheap and quick burger without spending a lot of money.

The To-Go-Atmosphere

Every order comes in styrofoam boxes packaged to-go, so it is very easy to either sit down or take your meal back to your residence hall or the park.

“The place was interesting. It had more of a pick-up style to it. You could sit down and watch sports if you wanted,” said Matthew Boldon, a friend who ate with me. “It was very laid back, which you can appreciate if you just want some cheap wings to-go.”

The Questionable

The Fries

The regular fries are served unsalted, and they are not particularly good. However, you can spruce them up with the seasoning salt they offer or dip them in some extra ranch or blue cheese sauce.

The Bad

The Healthiness

Wing N Burger factory is not for the faint of stomach. If fast food normally upsets your stomach, you probably will not have much more luck here. I never get an upset stomach, but even I felt like I had a rock in my stomach the evening after I ate.



I would say that almost all of my money goes to food, partially because I eat out a lot, but also partially because good food is often always expensive. Even so, good food does not have to be expensive.

In the case of Wing N Burger Factory, the food is definitely not expensive, but is it good? I say that it is great for what you pay.

“Boring but functional,” said James Smith, a freshman student in ROTC who ate with me. Smith tried their fried chicken sandwich and an order of lemon pepper wings.

For me, though, its sole purpose is to satisfy an infrequent desire of large quantities of cheap, “functional” food, and that purpose may be more or less redeemable depending on who you are.


Will 3/5

Peter 4/5