‘Beauty and the Beast’ brings magic back to the movies


Image: Flickr.com

Stars such as Emma Watson and Luke Evans breathe new life into the beloved Disney classic.

Laurel Huster, Staff Writer

The long-awaited live action version of Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” came out on March 16, and the film is as magical as expected.

Since the live action version of “Cinderella” was released in 2015, it was only a matter of time before Disney made another live action fairy tale movie.

However, the first concern that comes up when a classic movie is redone is whether it will stick to the original storyline or not. Thankfully, Beauty and the Beast did a flawless job with the transition.

Hardly anything was taken away from the original story, but details were added to make the story more complete. The movie shows more about both Belle and the Beast’s respective childhoods, something that was not addressed in the animated version.

The film also tells the audience more about the enchantress who cursed the prince. As it turns out, she has been living as a peasant in the same town that Belle lives in.

Several new songs were also introduced, which added to the magic of the movie. These fit right into the movie and aided the parts that were added to the original story.

Another concern when remaking a classic movie like this is whether the cast will live up to the expectations, and the casting choices could not have been better.

Emma Watson was stunning as Belle. She captured the Disney princess character flawlessly, and her singing was incredible. No one else could have played Belle as well as Watson did.

Josh Gad and Luke Evans were also fantastic as Le Fou and Gaston. They interacted just like the animated characters did in the original movie. If anything, Josh Gad brought more life to the character Le Fou than the character had in the original.

The objects that serve as main characters in the movie, such as Lumiere and Chip, looked very realistic. The castle that serves as the Beast’s home was even more elaborate than the one in the classic, and its ballroom and the library looked larger than life.

Overall, Beauty and the Beast exceeded the high expectations that were set for its release. Disney fans can now enjoy this new movie and look forward to the release of another live action classic in the next few years.