Delta Sigma Pi hosting annual Business Week Celebration


Image: Courtesy of Delta Sigma Pi

Delta Sigma Pi’s Business Week schedule.

Tiffani Alexander, Photography Editor

Delta Sigma Pi, Mercer’s professional business fraternity, is hosting their annual Business Week celebration this week.

Delta Sigma Pi is a professional business fraternity that aims to encourage students studying business to foster relationships with like-minded individuals while making business connections.

Julia Blasi, a member of the fraternity and Business Week chair, said that she and her committee have been planning the event since August. This year’s theme is the art of business and highlights the different paths that students can take in the business world.

“We’re featuring speakers who are experts in psychology, music, and even makeup, to bridge the gap between students studying different disciplines related to business,” she said. “People usually imagine business as a group of men in suits discussing the stock market or finance, but business is so much more than that. There is business in every industry, and a lot of students don’t realize how some of their skills can be applied. Business is a diverse field because it’s both a science and an art.”

While Business Week is a celebration of business, the daily events are open to all students. Delta Sigma Pi will host different business leaders who discussed their business strategies and how they’ve built their brand.

“We wanted to highlight diversity to reflect Mercer’s diverse campus,” Blasi said. “All kinds of people attend here, each with their own interests, skill sets, and passions. It’s easy to compartmentalize ourselves as students, so we wanted Business Week to bring students together instead.”

Blasi highlighted three events that students should keep in mind. At 5 p.m. on Wednesday, Geico’s corporate selection manager, Nick Simmons, will be giving a webinar about the psychology of hiring. Finally, on Friday at 4 p.m., Joey Stuckey, Macon’s official music ambassador, will be speaking about the music business.

As a result of his experiences as a brother of Delta Sigma Pi, sophomore Justin Hanson said he has become a more well-rounded and confident leader. Through events like Business Week, Hanson said has learned important lessons, like business etiquette and resume building.

“DSP has helped me in every aspect of college life . . . I was struggling to adjust my freshman year, but as I got more involved in DSP, it became my core group of friends and a really good way to develop professionalism,” Hanson said.

Editor’s note: This article has been updated since its initial publication with quotes from Julia Blasi, a member of the fraternity.