Valentine’s Day DIY Gift Ideas

Just when all the holiday shopping is finally over, Feb. 14 rolls around. If your bank account is still recovering from the holidays, these DIY Valentine’s Day gifts are cheap and easy to make. Even better, you can give these to any of the people that you love.

Laurel Huster, Staff Writer

Courtesy of Pixabay

Open When Letters

In every college student’s life, there has been a time when you just really needed to hear words of encouragement from someone you love. You can give someone this gift by writing letters for them to open whenever they need them. For example, you can have ones that say open when you’re sad, stressed or made a bad grade. These can be decorated or just a simple a note. For an example, visit


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S’more Snack

Valentine’s Day is all about the candy, especially chocolate. To make S’mores in a bag, take 2 graham crackers, a piece of Hershey’s chocolate and a marshmallow and put them in a small clear gift bag. To make it even better for Valentine’s Day, try to find heart shaped marshmallows that come out in February. Tie the bag with ribbon or string and add a fun message like “I need S’more friends like you.” You can print this message for your gift at


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Valentine’s Socks

Who doesn’t love a pair of fun socks? Warm up your friend’s feet and their hearts with a warm pair of socks. You can get a fun pair of Valentine’s socks from a store like WalMart or Target and put them in a clear gift bag. Tie it up with some decorative ribbon or string and add a fun message like “Valentine, you knock my socks off!” You can download and print a message from to attach to the bag.


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Long Distance Present

If you are far away from your loved ones this year, you can mail them a box of some of their favorite things. You can include their favorite candies and snacks. Any cheesy, cheap Valentine’s gifts you could get at places like the Dollar Tree would be fun to put in there. Also, you could add cheesy Valentine’s cards to make them laugh. Just fill the box with anything you think they would like to show them you’re thinking about them even when you’re far away.