Mercer organizations team up with the Mayhem for group outings


Image: Jessica Landress

Alpha Gamma Delta hosted an event night for the sister to attend a Mayhem game and sit together to cheer the team on.

Al Kessler, Contributing Writer

Mercer students, through their on-campus organizations, have been attending Macon Mayhem games as a way to raise funds or just have a night out. The university’s Greek organizations have been among the most frequent participants.

The Mayhem are a single-A level minor league ice hockey team. Currently in their second season of operation, the Mayhem markets these group night packages as a way to introduce new fans to the sport and team, but also to connect with the Macon community.

On Saturday, Jan. 21, the brothers of Pi Kappa Phi and some of their friends and family attended the Mayhem game.

By buying the tickets from the team in bulk and reselling them to brothers and other guests at a higher value, the fraternity was able to raise money for its charity of choice, The Ability Experience, a charity to help those battling with disabilities.

“We had an amazing time at the game. It was a great opportunity to bond as brothers, raise money for disabled people and develop a stronger relationship with the Macon Community,” said Pi Kappa Phi Philanthropy Chair Joshua Sizemore.  “All in all, you won’t find a better experience in Macon.”

Currently the team’s primary method of contacting Mercer students has been through brochures that you may have seen around campus as well as word of mouth. Colin Mitchell, a brother of Pi Kappa Phi, is game day operations staff for the Mayhem and has been behind the promotion.

Pi Kappa Phi isn’t the only Mercer greek organization to attend a Mayhem game. Recently the sisters of Alpha Gamma Delta also went to a game for a date night.

“We had a great time.” Jessica Landress said. “The section we were in made it easy to talk with our friends while enjoying the game. The shootout was our favorite part and the entire crowd were on their feet cheering.”