Little Mix’s “Get Weird” serves up an emotionally charged experience


Image: Courtesy of Sony Music

After the release of three successful albums, Little Mix is gearing up for the release of their fourth album, Glory Days, on November 18.

Ashley Antoine, Staff Writer

Little Mix, made up of members Jade Thirlwall, Perrie Edwards, Leigh-Anne Pinnock and Jesy Nelson, was put together in the eighth season of the UK’s “The X Factor,” and the group went on to win the competition. The group now has three albums, “Salute,” “DNA” and “Get Weird,” and is preparing for the release of a fourth, “Glory Days”.

When listening to “Get Weird,” I was always on the verge of tears because everything they sang about was something that everyone has experienced at one point of their lives.

If I could describe the music in one word, it would be spiritual. When you listen to it, you experience a sea of emotions to the point where your own heart doesn’t know what to feel.

For anyone who has gone through or currently is going through a heartbreaking experience, I recommend listening to “Secret Love Song,” “Love or Leave Me” and “The End.” These songs will make you feel as if they were written for you.

For those who are a sucker for love songs, listen to “I Love You” and “Lightening.” Boy or girl, I can almost guarantee there’s a song for you.

My personal favorite song on the album is “Secret Love Song” because it’s impossible for me not to get lost in it. The song is about hush-hush relationships and can be interpreted as a song about a couple that feel that they can’t be together. It’s a mid-tempo ballad that is also a heart-tugger.

The lyrics that stuck out to me the most are “Stolen moments that are we steal as the curtain falls /  It will never be enough” and “Why can’t you hold me in the streets? / Why can’t I kiss you on the dance floor? / I wish it could be like that . . . cause I’m yours.” These lyrics touched me because I couldn’t have expressed an unattainable love that is so close that you can almost touch it any better.

I highly recommend listening to Little Mix’s music. These women have amazing voices and deserve to be recognized. They make the type of music that can hit you hard and make you want to scream it out loud no matter who’s around.

The most surprising thing is that even after you are done listening to it, the feeling you experience from it remains. That’s how you can tell how good a song is: when it leaves a mark deep in your soul.

The group’s fourth album, “Glory Days,” will be released Nov. 18, so be prepared for more great music from Little Mix.