Online Edition – One month update

A graph showing the traffic stats of over the course of the last two weeks. The two major jumps in traffic have occurred when the print edition is released, and the smaller jumps correspond to the posting of breaking stories.

Within just four weeks of its launch, has officially netted almost 10,000 unique visitors from across the nation. That doesn’t count repeat visitors––only the amount of different IP addresses which have viewed the site.

Already, five times more people have consumed our content online than the total circulation of the print edition (1,500).

We’ve seen our content go from speaking to an insular student-centric audience to having a local, state and global reach on the Web.

Our contributors have already been receiving email feedback from readers as far away as Pennsylvania and Oregon, and our comment section has exploded in popularity among students, especially on Sean Kennedy’s recent column on Mercer stereotypes.

We’ve done well so far, but we still have some hurdles to face, including figuring out how to sort out our breaking news policies, setting up online advertising rates and better integrating multimedia content.