American Horror Story’s latest season shrouded in mystery


“American Horror Story” has arisen from the grave that its former seasons had seemingly buried it in. While predecessors “Freak Show” and “Hotel” ultimately flopped, season 6 so far is a success — even though I’m still not sure about what’s really going on.

“American Horror Story: Roanoke Nightmare” is riddled with squeamish, scary details that are sure to spook even the most suspicious spectators.

For the first six episodes, viewers follow the stories of a newlywed couple, Matt and Shelby, who appear to be on a talk show akin to “A Haunting.” Their stories are portrayed through reenactments, which is definitely something new from AHS directors. It’s an interesting approach, but I could do without it, if I’m being honest. The characters tell me everything I need to know, so the element of surprise is compromised there.

Still, the story is compelling enough to make up for it. Matt and Shelby, having fled from their digs in Los Angeles, purchase a historic home in North Carolina together. The large white mansion, which sits in the middle of the woods, has fallen victim to a number of intimidating spectres with deep, historical ties to the land.

The season stars a butcher, a witch and a madman, to name a few. Each is connected by a harrowing tale that will have any viewer on the edge of their seat.

American Horror Story ultimately works, but it does have its pitfalls. The most glaring error is the fact that the audience is so detached from the two main characters and their near death encounters. We never see them lead their lives; we only witness re-enactments onscreen. Without the disconnect, I could see how this season may have mirrored the first season, “Murder House,” but there is a reason why season 1 did so well. Season 6 could have been helped by following suit.

The sixth season’s story is murky and confusing, but that’s why it has such a compelling nature. Having written this after the sixth episode aired, I can say that I have a horrifying feeling that all may not be as it seems.

The main characters in the show have already seemed to find their way to safety, and with four episodes still left in this season, the show will most certainly have a twist to reveal. As Entertainment Weekly reported, co-creator Ryan Murphy said, “The thing you think you are watching is not what you’re watching at all.”

We now have the key to the twist we have heard so much about. At the end of the last episode, a teaser was played after the credits. It shows the cast that was filming the documentary. The director retorts: “You rolling? The camera never stops, no matter what anyone says. Even if I tell you to stop, you keep going. Got it?” This leads me to believe that the real horror has only just begun.

I would love to see some found footage scenes before season 6 wraps up. I would also like to see more backstory about the Roanoke village (not to mention the creepy, disfigured woman who crawled across hardwood floors in the latest episode). With the season halfway over, many questions still remain, and I’m dying to get some resolutions.

Leading up to the premiere of this highly anticipated season, the content and cast of season 6 were shrouded in mystery. If the rest of the show follows this and offers viewers an “a-ha!” moment at the end, “American Horror Story: Roanoke Nightmare” will surely be a homerun.