SGA approves all 45 organizations for Bear Grants

Jayla Moody and Summer Perritt

Katie Atkinson and Cody Moran, Cluster Staff

The Student Government Association held their annual bear grant senate in the Connell Student Center Monday.

Representatives from different organizations gathered to learn if their funding requests had been granted for this year. All 45 groups who applied were approved for funding at the meeting.

The proceeding lasted less than thirty minutes.

“Gabriel Gonzales did an amazing job this year streamlining the process. That was the fastest funding legislation that I’ve ever seen in the senate,” said Catie Byrd, SGA senator and member of the fiscal affairs committee.  “I have heard horror stories about Bear Grant Senate [lasting] up to five hours before.”

Before the meeting, the fiscal affairs committee met with all 45 organizations to go over their applications, according to an SGA minutes report.  

Senators had time to raise any concerns before the meeting.  All concerns were cleared the day before the bear grant senate took place.

“It went pretty quickly, more quickly than I was expecting, and it was nice to know that all the senators gave their approval,” said Hannah Keller, president of Mercer’s French club.  “They didn’t have many qualms about approving things for us, which is nice. It’s good to know that our club is supported.”

The total funding that could have been allocated this year was $37,010.59.  All group applications were approved, which left the bear grant budget at $2989.41 after the proceeding took place.

Bear grant senate takes place once a year but new organizations are eligible to apply for bear grant funding as long as there is still funding in the budget.

Organizations that are still interested in receiving funding can contact Gabriel Gonzales, chair of fiscal affairs.