Students report case of battery, three vehicle break-ins over summer

August 28, 2016

A Mercer student reported being the victim of simple battery this summer when an unknown suspect entered his dorm room and placed a pair of men’s underwear over his face before striking him.

The seemingly unusual crime occurred on June 24 at Sherwood Hall, according to reports provided by Mercer Police. The suspect fled the scene following the incident.

The victim’s identity was redacted from the report.  

Three students additionally reported vehicle break-ins on campus over the course of June and July, with no apparent items of value taken.

The separate incidents, described in documents provided by Mercer Police, took place in the parking lots of two on-campus apartment complexes and the university’s main campus area between June 17 and July 28.

On June 17, a female student told police her vehicle was entered while parked at 1501 Mercer University Drive.

Another female student reported her vehicle being entered on June 29 at the Lofts on Montpelier Avenue. A male student told police his vehicle was entered at the Adams/Winship apartments on July 28.  

No items of value were reported missing in any of the instances.

The identities of all affected students were redacted from the police reports.

Anyone with information related to any of the crimes mentioned above is asked to contact the Mercer Police Department at 478-301-4357.

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