Flute Choir is bringing a fantasy to Fickling

Sarah Pounds, News Editor

This April, the Mercer Flute Choir is preparing for a performance that is sure to be nothing short of fantastic.

The ensemble is presenting their “Flute Fantasy” on April 28. Kelly Via, the piccoloist with the Atlanta Ballet Orchestra and Macon Symphony Orchestra, will be conducting.

Lilly Mauti is a sophomore in the Flute Choir. She said that the upcoming show will appeal to a wide array of people.

“Using piccolos, C flutes, alto, and bass flutes the audience gets to experience a range of sounds as well as a range of music,” she said. “There is music for everyone, some that is recognizable and some that is new and intriguing. Everyone is sure to have a favorite!”

Flute Choir is one of the small chamber ensembles that stems from the Mercer Wind Ensemble.

Haley Alain is a freshman at Mercer who joined the Flute Choir as a way to continue playing her instrument after high school.

“I wanted to keep playing the flute and continue learning new techniques and new music throughout college even though I wouldn’t be majoring or minoring in music,” she said. “I saw and still see flute choir as a fantastic way to receive guidance in my playing as well as a way to continue to challenge myself in music.”

The performance will be from 7:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. in Fickling Hall. It is free and open to the public.