Bernie Sanders and Marco Rubio win student-led mock election


Rebecca Barber (left) and Emily Thompson (right) sit in the Connell Student Center Tuesday night for the gummy bear poll

Marin Guta, Digital Editor

Bernie Sanders and Marco Rubio won the Democrat and Republican nominations for a gummy bear poll held in Connell Student Center last Tuesday.

For the poll, students with a variety of political views — from Republicans to Democrats and Libertarians or Independents alike — were encouraged to place a gummy bear in a jar for their preferred presidential candidate.

The mock election was held by Mercer College Republicans, Student Government Association and Mobilize Mercer in the hopes of encouraging students to go out and vote for Super Tuesday. Mobilize Mercer is a student-driven voting initiative that is focused on raising voter awareness and participation on Mercer’s campus and is not affiliated with any political party.

Here are the results from the gummy bear poll:

Candidate- Number of Votes (Percent of Party Vote; Percent of Total Vote)

Democratic Party ~ 51% of Total Vote:
Sanders- 130 (81%; 41%)
Clinton- 31 (19%; 10%)
GOP ~ 49% of Total Vote:
Rubio- 69 (44%; 22%)
Carson- 25 (16%; 8%)
Kasich- 25 (16%; 8%)
Trump- 22 (14%; 7%)
Cruz- 16 (9%; 4%)