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Students discuss whether or not sports teams should turn down the volume on their practice music.

At the latest Student Government Association “Bear Forum,” Senator Elizabeth McKay brought a student concern to the floor: is there any way to have quieter music for football practice at 7 a.m.?

Junior Senator Drew Winslett, who lived in the Adams Winship apartments last year, was the first to agree that the noise is a concern.

“It woke me up every day when I was down there,” Winslett said. “I know a lot of people who live in the apartments have the same complaint.”

Senior senator Tony Perella, who is a member of the football team, said that he used to live in the Winship apartments, but that “it didn’t really affect me because I was there [at practice].”

Everyone laughed. Then, Perella got more serious, and said that there was a point to having the music.

“It creates an atmosphere like a gameday,” Perella said. “You’ve gotta adjust to not being able to hear stuff.”

Perella also said that spring practices will end this week, but they will be conditioning throughout the semester.

“The vibrations were strong enough to push stuff off my shelves.”

— Sam Strickland, SGA Executive Board

Sophomore Senator Hannah Schultz has cheered for Mercer in the past and said that for their cheerleading practices, if there wasn’t music playing, they would all be “dead.”

“If we turn the music on, maybe we’ll all start doing something,” she said.

Even then, SGA Executive Board member Sam Strickland said that the noise was disruptive when he lived in Adams 1923.

“The vibrations were strong enough to push stuff off my shelves,” he said.

Strickland is also the Vice-President of Mercer’s Residence Hall Association and suggested that in order to address this problem, SGA and RHA should come together to survey residents living in the affected area. He said that if they are going to look at music from the stadium, they need to look at music coming from the baseball field, as well.

SGA President Austin Harrison said that Markell Jackson, the president of RHA, is also going to be involved in that conversation. 

For more about what happened in this Bear Forum, check out the official SGA minutes here.

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