Fresh Off the Docket

Here’s what happened in SGA’s Feb. 15 senate.


Megan Rosinko, Staff Writer


Mercer Maniacs raffle and free t-shirts

The men’s basketball team will play its last home game this season on Saturday against ETSU. Before Thursday’s game against Western Carolina, there will be tailgating/a preview party at the Lofts at Mercer Landing. Any student who attends both the preview party and the basketball game will be entered to win one free semester in the lofts. They will also be giving away free baseball tees to the first 250 students at the baseball game this Friday.

Residence Life and Housing update

The RA selection process is finished and applicants should be contacted soon. The self-assign process is coming soon, but all of the contracts have not been processed yet. Students’ self-assign time will be based on when students completed their contract.

Alpha Epsilon Delta Conference and Lodging request

The National Health Pre-Professional Honor Society submitted a request for accommodations and registration for an upcoming national conference. Originally this organization requested $2400, $1200 for registration fees and $1200 for the hotel. Senate recommended, however, that AED cut the cost of accommodations by staying in 3 rooms rather than 4. This cut costs by $300. The approved total was $2100. The motion passed with 1 abstain.

African Student Association special funding request

Senate was not able to vote on the funding request because the ASA representative was not present. Instead SGA held a 5 minute discussion on the motion to streamline the process at the next meeting. ASA requested $2000 for a Liberian Ambassador to come speak to the campus. There was some concern that this was too much to pay for a speaker, senators want to see if ASA can find other sources of funding first.

Food amendment

President Austin Harrison will meet with the Board of Appropriations and Dean of Students Doug Pearson in March to present a proposal that would make campus food available for student organizations.