Fresh Off the Docket


Megan Rosinko, Staff Writer

Jackson Katz Lecture

SGA senators spent time Monday night discussing the behavior of students at the Jackson Katz lecture last week. Sen. Buckner suggested a more discussion-based approach in the future, rather than a lecture. Dean Pearson explained that while he was not happy with the behavior of “some” students, he did not find the event “catastrophic.”.

Pearson acknowledged that the mandatory nature of the event contributed to the reaction. He added, however, that when the school spends money on a speaker they do not want an empty auditorium.

He also noted that the initial question asked at the lecture was “put respectfully,” but the way Katz handled it created a visceral reaction from the crowd.

Saudi Student Association

The Saudi Student Association came seeking approval as an official Mercer organization. They already have 20 members on the Macon campus and 150 on the Atlanta campus.

While the association itself is open to everyone, the Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission, who will fund the group, requires that the executive board be exclusively Saudi Arabian, and include at least one woman.

Dean Pearson wanted to look into the Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission, as well as the bylaws regarding campus organizations, to make sure that the executive board requirement will not be an issue.

Contract Services Survey results

The survey released several weeks ago has reach 1,026 responses. Freshmen bare the majority of the responses, at 40 percent%. This survey revealed that 70 percent of respondents favor a smoke-free campus, and 65 percent want a squat rack in the fitness center.  

MU Miracle Special Funding Request denied

MU Miracle submitted a funding request for decorations, prizes, and shirts for the upcoming Dance Marathon which will raise money for the Children’s Miracle Network. The representative, however, did not show up to the meeting. SGA members involved in MU Miracle did their best to answer questions.

Vice President Joly expressed concern that the request could not be approved if the prizes were gift cards or other monetary rewards. The request was denied until specifics about prizes can be provided.

Mercer League of Legends Bear Grant

The Mercer League of Legends requested $330 for equipment for their online tournaments. The motion passed with 3 nayes and 1 pass.

Tri Beta Conference and Lodging request

The Biological Honors Society submitted a funding request for an upcoming conference for 3 of their members. The request totalled $1,302. The motion passed unanimously.

Institute of Industrial Engineers

The Institute of Industrial Engineers requested funding for a professional development event for 5 students. The request totalled $1235.52. The motion passed with 3 nayes and 2 abstains.

Residence Life and Housing update

Dean Pearson announced that Residence Life has completed the RA process, applicants should hear back by the end of the month. When asked if sophomores would be allowed to live in the Lofts next year, Pearson confirmed that it was a “possibility.”