Mercer Athletes share their New Year’s Resolutions

Sophie Peel, Staff Writer

Athletes of Mercer share their commitments for New Year—and give insight on what inspired the resolutions, what fueled them and what will sustain them.

Chase DuBois (Men’s Lacrosse): DuBois originally said his resolution was to conquer the inner female dog within—or, as he so kindly reworded it, kill the complacency inside. As an athlete, he said, it’s hard to find the motivation to go the extra mile: to cook meals despite the temptation of Chik-Fil-A, get up early without complaining  and doing extra workouts.

William Treischman (Men’s Lacrosse): Teischman said that on the first of January, he woke up and thought of one thing he was thankful for. Every day since, he has done the same.

Jestin Lewis (Men’s Basketball): Lewis wants to be a better leader on the Men’s Basketball team and help win a SoCon Championship. He says he wishes to set a strong example for his younger teammates and cites his coaches as the inspiration for his resolution.

Philip Leonard (Men’s Basketball): Phil has vowed to work harder at school and remain focused on his GPA—and getting ready for the real world outside of the Mercer bubble.

Maxine Rodriguez (Softball): Rodriguez, a junior transfer, vowed to keep in touch with people more. Though she said she hasn’t quite kept up with her promise, she is actively trying to fix that.

Morgan Macgilvary (Volleyball): Morgan commented that her dress does not always reflect her inner spirit. Macgilvary likes to protect herself from the sporadic Georgia weather by being safe rather than sorry. Her typical typical outfit is something that looks like a sweatsuit made up of oversized sweats and hoodies from various schools. Macgilvary pledged to present herself as a more engaged  member of society.