Bear Bites: Molly’s Red Rooster Café


Molly’s Red Rooster Cafe serves its sandwiches The sandwiches in cutout sheets meant to resemble a page of the Telegraph, the daily British newspaper.

Nick Wooten, Managing Editor

Ms. Betty is at it again. The owner of Molly’s Cafe and Spud Dogs, both located downtown, recently opened a new restaurant at the old Fountain of Juice location, 3045 Vineville Ave. — Molly’s Red Rooster Cafe. Diners have come to expect a certain quality wherever they see her name, and Red Rooster does not disappoint.


Chicken Salad:

It’s a bold strategy. Red Rooster primarily serves a variety of five chicken salads, ranging from the Tropical James with pineapples and pecans to Phil’s Hot with jalapeños, ranch, bacon and buffalo sauce. The base salad is rather fine with the occasional chicken chunk strewn about. The added ingredients subtly influence the overall flavor. Justin ordered the Tropical James, and I ordered the Phil’s Hot. The Tropical James had more nuts than we originally anticipated, and we barely noticed the pineapple. The ranch and bacon in the Phil’s Hot weren’t overly pronounced. The more I ate, the more the buffalo sauce and jalapeños made their presence known. It was a very balanced and enjoyable chicken salad.

Atmosphere and Service:

It was like being at Granny’s house again. While we were there, they played all the country hits from the late 1970s to the 1990s. The inside was spacious and clean. We sat in the main dining area, but behind us was a dining room with a glass wall looking out to the road. It was quiet, and the patrons were mostly older women who spoke quietly and smiled as we passed. Ms. Betty checked on us regularly and even offered to give us a bowl of chili free of charge because she was cleaning out the pots. As a hungry college student, I appreciate anyone who goes out of their way to give me free food. I was surprised when she offered, and I kept thanking her. And Ms. Betty kept replying with, “That’s what mommas do.” Speaking of the chili, it was wonderful.


It was spicy. It was just a little sweet. It was hearty. It was great. I ordered a cup in addition to the bowl Ms. Betty gave us. It was a cold November afternoon, and I’d been stuffed up for a while. It opened my sinuses. Unlike other chili that have super small beef bits, this chili had larger chunks that survived the cooking process. I was impressed.

Apple Salad:

I could have made a meal out of this. It consisted of red and green apple slices, cherries, marshmallow fluff, marshmallows and a little sugar. I couldn’t stop eating it.

Broccoli Salad:

It reminded me of coleslaw, but with larger pieces of broccoli instead of the finely shredded cabbage. I don’t usually like broccoli, but I found the dish to be enjoyable. I ate half of Justin’s cup.



The sandwiches come on cutout sheets meant to resemble a page of the Telegraph, the daily British newspaper. I’d love to see the Macon Telegraph or even The Cluster prints holding those sandwiches.

The BAD:

There is nothing bad.


NICK 4.5/5


Molly’s Red Rooster Cafe is open Monday through Saturday from 11 a.m.-3 p.m.