Fresh off the Docket

Parking committee, blue lights, calculator rentals, and Young Americans for Liberty were on the table this week.


Megan Rosinko, Contributing Writer

Special committee for parking
Vice President Jolly is spearheading the creation of a short-term special committee to investigate parking related concerns. The goals of this committee are to investigate student concerns, collect and gather data on the current parking situation, and develop solutions to propose to President Underwood. Sen. Cullens asked if all students (commuter and on-campus) would have representation. Vice President Jolly said she
wanted to start with SGA members and then open it up to the student body.
The motion to create this committee passed.
Campus Safety Walk
Sen. Buckner, Sen. Niesen, Dean Pearson, and Chief Collins checked blue lights on their safety walk Nov. 9. They found that 56% are fully functioning. 56% had a functioning blue light and 78% had a functioning telephone communication.
 There is a blue light in the lower UC parking lot that “just rings and rings and doesn’t actually connect to the station,” Sen. Niesen said. There are nine stations total, and two more will be built by the freshmen dorms. The Dean confirmed that the blue lights are “mainly for show,” Niesen said, but he agreed that maybe more were needed by the baseball lot. Those on the Safety Walk agreed that the building of the lofts may warrant some new blue lights.
 The ceiling of Stetson was inspected, as suggested by Sen. Price at the previous meeting. It will be fixed over winter break when the students leave.
There was also discussion surrounding the possibility of putting up a large steel fence around the Merpo lot in response to reports of break-ins.
Tobacco-free campus
The Atlanta Campus is strongly advocating for a tobacco-free campus. President Underwood is investigating the implications on Mercer’s Macon campus if the Atlanta campus is designated a tobacco-free zone.
Next Bear Forum
The next Bear Forum on Nov. 30 will focus specifically on parking issues. SGA plans to present what they have been working on, as well as listening to student concerns. Although it will focus on parking the Bear Forum is still open to all student concerns.
Young Americans for Liberty
The motion to formally recognize Young Americans for Liberty as a student organization at Mercer passed nearly unanimously. This organization, not to be confused with Mercerians for Liberty, has a national standing with over 550 collegiate chapters across the country.
Young Americans for Liberty will stress the importance of constitution in the educational process, educate about incarceration rates, as well as
serve as an activist group. It welcomes all political ideologies.
Calculator rentals
SGA is still working on making calculator rentals available to students. They tried to go through the library with no luck. Now they are reaching out to the ARC.
If you would like to see a more thorough account of the Nov. 16 Senate, please check out the original SGA Docket.