Fresh Off the Docket


Megan Rosinko, Contributing Writer


Campus Engagement Committee

The Campus Engagement Committee was very busy this week. They have already begun work on their top four initiatives: diversity awareness, sexual assault awareness, athletic involvement, and Greek relations.

Senator Scherf explained that diversity awareness encompasses ethnic and cultural diversity as well as gender identity. He expressed that he did not want this initiative to be too narrow in only including ethnic diversity, but he also felt that it was important that it was not too broad either.


The Campus Engagement committee will host the Flag Parade with the International Bears Association Nov. 17. This event is meant to bring students together and promote diversity.

In preparation for the event, IBA reviewed a list, provided by admissions, of the ethnicities represented on campus in order to include as much of the student body as possible. They have ordered over 50 flags for the event, estimated to cost the committee $300.


As part of the diversity initiative, the Campus Engagement Committee is teaming up with Sam Osakue or ‘Hype-man Sam’ to raise awareness of Autism on campus. By next semester they are hoping to have a group on campus.

The goal of this organization will be to raise awareness of Autism on a global level, as well as the presence of Autism on Mercer’s campus. They are hoping to team up with Autism Speaks U or another Autism awareness program.

If you are interested in the possibility of this organization, check out their interest group on Facebook here.


Senator Porter represented the Campus Engagement Committee at the sexual assault focus group earlier this week. Each student organization sent a representative to discuss sexual assault on campus. They reviewed a video and discussed whether to show it to the student body.

Other topics addressed in the focus group included students feeling disconnected from campus, and how to deal with sexual assault.

Campus Safety Walk

The Campus Safety and Improvements committee, along with Dean Pearson, Chief Collins, and Russell Vullo, associate vice president for facilities, went on the campus safety walk in the rain Monday night to inspect any issues reported to them beforehand.

Senator Price pointed out the multiple leaks in the Stetson ceiling, and Senator Jolly addressed the sprinkler between the Greek parking lot and Sherwood that “basically floods” every time it runs.

Fiscal Affairs Funding Requests:

  • BEAR GRANTS- American Medical Women’s Association

The American Medical Women’s Association submitted a revised request for $450 to cover start-up costs, t-shirts, and an upcoming cupcake fundraiser. Originally this new student organization had asked for $400, but SGA suggested they request more for t-shirts and meeting materials.

There was some debate as to whether or not Bear Grant money could be put towards fundraising materials. However, Senator Porter’s motion to strike the money for fundraising from the request failed. The motion to grant AMWA $450 passed.


After finding cheaper accommodations, Mock Trial asked for $1,471.80 to cover hotel expenses to attend the Argo Invitational Mock Trial Tournament.

Although this request was several hundred dollars cheaper than their original request, there was concern about how much money Mock Trial has asked for this semester. The Fiscal Affairs committee confirmed that if this motion passed than funds given to Mock Trial, totaling $4,502.88, would make up 16% of the annual budget.

MIMCA, by comparison, has received roughly 20% of the annual budget, $7,040.16. This competition, however, will be the last Mock Trial funding request of the year.  

Senator Porter brought up that the bylaws state that Bear Grant money is distributed on a “first come, first serve” basis rather than “first come, first considered.” After a long debate, the motion passed.