Controlling of Guns or Controlling of Human Rights

Controlling of Guns or Controlling of Human Rights

Sterling Neill , Staff Writer

“There is a lot of talk now about metal detectors and gun control. Both are good things. But they are no more a solution than forks and spoons are a solution to world hunger,” said Anna Quindlen, influential journalist and writer.

The controversial issue of gun control and gun rights has swept across the United States as politicians and citizens alike rage over this issue and try to come up with an accurate solution to accommodate all.

Some Americans believe that guns are directly contributing to youth violence as well as opening the public up to shootings of people.

They believe that weapons should be controlled, usually by the government, in order to cut down on early violence and lower the rates of mass shootings of the general public.

Detractors believe that guns do not directly harm people, but people are the ones who should be blamed for the intense violence.

These are usually the same people who believe that guns can protect a resident from harm during a home invasion or an oncoming attack.

They may also believe that guns are a right to every U.S. citizen under the second amendment that states that every American has the right to bear arms.

If the government intends on using gun control to take away the weapons of the people, the government is violating the rights of the citizens.

This debate continues and multiple questions could be brought to the mind of an interested individual on what should be done with the guns if the issue is so controversial and undecipherable.

Well, previous writers have discussed ideas of changing the way people get guns and making the process more extensive.

In other words, take a background check of each person receiving a gun and dig into their criminal, medical and family history to discover possible mental illnesses that might lead to breakdowns, past convictions that may lead to violence, while also uncovering potential family members that might come in contact with the weapon.

This seems to be a slightly acceptable solution to gun control but people also have a problem with this solution.

They have a problem with this, because going into your history, mental or otherwise, is a violation of your personal rights.

Also, the process to receive a gun would be much longer and it would be harder for suppliers to keep up with and find all of the needed paperwork to release the weapon to the consumer.

Another solution given to this problem would be for law enforcement to crack down on illegal, sold without a permit and stolen guns in order to diminish the weapons available for potential criminals.

A problem with this solution arises when a citizen considers the fact that law enforcement is already busy with many tasks that do not allow them to focus specifically on the gun issue.

Simply, we do not have the resources to accommodate such a rampant amount of criminal activity.

In the end this issue continues to haunt many Americans as they consider the future of gun control and its effects on American society.