Halloween costumes for any budget

All you need is a white sheet & a pair of scissors for this classic ghost costume.

Image: OpenClipArt.org

All you need is a white sheet & a pair of scissors for this classic ghost costume.

Meghan Duffey, Staff Writer

As perpetually broke college students, hardly anyone has the money to buy an off-the-rack Halloween costume from Party City or Target. The solution is to make cheap, do-it-yourself costumes from items found at home, the dollar store or a thrift shop.

Of course, you could always go old school. You could cut eye-holes in a white bed sheet, throw it over your head and call it a day. The classic ghost is an outfit that is both inexpensive and easily recognizable.

If you want to be a little more creative—but don’t feel like going all out—a jellyfish is the perfect outfit. All you have need to do is take a quick trip to the dollar store, buy some streamers and tape them to an umbrella to achieve the look of tentacles. For less than $5 you will have a cute and easy costume.

For those truly seeking to be creative while on a budget, a glowing stickman is for you. All you need are some black clothes (which can be bought from a thrift store if needed) and colorful glow sticks from the dollar store. Just line up the sticks on your clothes in the shape of a stickman, add some tape, and you’re done!

Couples costumes are always fun, but finding inexpensive ones can be a challenge. Here are two you might want to consider.

Mario and Princess Peach are two easily recognizable characters that are not difficult to replicate. For the ladies, put on a pink dress—or borrow one from a friend—and go buy a cheap crown from the dollar store. For the gentlemen, wear a red shirt and some old overalls that can be found at the local thrift store. Of course, you could also buy a mustache from the dollar store, or just draw one on with marker.

For those couples who grew up watching Nickelodeon, you can be Wanda and Cosmo this Halloween. There is not much that you need to complete this outfit. Both members of the couple will need black pants, but dark jeans can be used as a substitute. Wanda will need a yellow shirt, and Cosmo will need to wear a white button down shirt and a black tie, both of which you can borrow from a friend or buy at Target if you don’t already own them. All you need to complete the outfits are paper wands and crowns. Pink and green hairspray is optional.

Being on a budget does not have to be a hindrance to your Halloween night. Be creative. Look up costume ideas online and then find the necessary items at the dollar or thrift store.

Depending on your creativity, almost every outfit that you see online can be made for $10 or less. Good luck!