Powder Puff game raises awareness for breast cancer

The fraternities Alpha Tao Omega and Kappa Alpha Psi are preparing their teams for a philanthropic powderpuff game to raise money for breast cancer awareness.

Image: Anna Vatagina

The fraternities Alpha Tao Omega and Kappa Alpha Psi are preparing their teams for a philanthropic powderpuff game to raise money for breast cancer awareness.

Justin Baxley, Sports Editor

On Oct. 25 in the friendly confines of Five Star Stadium, two teams will square off in what might be the biggest game of the year. The two teams currently sit with perfect records at 0-0 and are coming into the match looking to take home the victory and bragging rights in this rivalry game.

This will be the first annual powderpuff game for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, put on by the Alpha Tau Omega and the Kappa Alpha Psi fraternities to raise money for the cause. The two fraternities are hoping that this becomes a yearly tradition that gets Mercer students involved while contributing to fighting breast cancer with the money donated.

“Kappa Alpha Psi contacted ATO [about the game] to help raise money and awareness for breast cancer,” said Christopher Murdock, head coach for the ATO team.

With 30 slots to fill, the two teams have been hot on the recruiting trail, trying to gather the top girls from around campus for the seven-on-seven game. Despite the game being organized by two Greek organizations, the game is open to all girls on campus.

“Greek or non-Greek, it really does not matter. I know we are just looking for the best athletes to go out there and come away with the win,” said Caleb Brown, head coach for the Kappas. “I would say we have the upper hand because we have some great recruiters in our chapter. We just look forward to the competition.”

The two teams boast completely different styles based on the girls that they targeted during the recruitment — even looking at teams in college football to model themselves after.

“I think we have two drastically different styles. You look at the Kappas, and I think you can expect the flashy Oregon-esque style of football — lots of speed and lots of tempo,” said the ATO team general manager, Elliot West. “Here at ATO our powderpuff team is very disciplined and hardworking. Blue collar style, kind of like an Alabama or maybe Michigan State. We are looking to be consistent and pound the rock.”

Powderpuff games are normally held on the high school level for the rivalry between different classes. The two organizations are hoping that this will bring back those fun nights of supporting your friends as they look to garner the bragging rights for the year. Powderpuff football is generally two-hand touch or flag football in order to keep it non-contact. This game will be flag football rules with intramural refs in charge of maintaining order in this already highly-anticipated and heated rivalry game.

“We have speed, and we have size. We have everything you need to win. We are going to get through this, and ATO is going to win the game. That is the best way to put it,” Murdock said.

While it is a competition, the Kappas and ATO are both focused on the main objective — raising money for breast cancer awareness.

“Our number one goal is obviously to go out and raise money for breast cancer awareness as much as we can. Number two is just to go out and have fun. Obviously we don’t have any real issues with the ATOs,” Brown said. “We just want go out there and make sure everyone has a great time.”

There are multiple ways for students to get involved in the game. You can purchase tickets from members of each fraternity for $2 each before the game. Both teams will also be selling tank tops and t-shirts with a breast cancer awareness themed slogan. This is also a competition as they try to sell the most shirts, but all of the money goes to the same place at the end of the day, Brown said. Any girl can get involved by contacting someone in the fraternities if there are still open spots available.

With the rivalry game coming at the end of a huge homecoming week, you won’t want to miss out on the festivities. Each team has put in countless hours of practice and is looking to put on a show under the lights at Five Star Stadium, according to both coaches.

“The biggest impact we can have is getting people to come out to the game and participate. It is for a good cause and we are looking to have fun and make a sport of it.” West said.

The game kicks off at 8 p.m.