Bear Bites: Lee and Eddie’s Barbecue


Image: Justin Baxley

Menu of Lee & Eddies BQQ

Beyond the doors of 484 Second St., something unusual is happening– even by Macon’s standards.

On one side of the shop, gloves and seats hang from wall hooks. The aluminum spokes, frames and rubber tires rest upright.

But in the window, the racks of ribs spin for all of Second Street to see.

Lee and Eddie’s Barbeque, a division of Cherry Street Cycling, is a living, breathing tribute to Macon’s past. The shop was a favorite stop among Maconites of years gone by.

Damon Allen, owner of both establishments, continues the tradition of his parents—the original owners of Lee and Eddie’s—and his love of bicycles.

Naturally, a place like this gets second glances from passers-by. Stomachs hungry and wallets blazing, Justin and I made our way to the counter.


Brunswick Stew:

This could have been my entire meal. The meat was tender and remained in sizeable chunks, as opposed to mashed and beaten little bits one might find in inferior stews.

It was thinner and had a stronger tomato flavor than I normally like, but Justin cleared his bowl. I sat there wishing I had ordered it. “This is one of the top two Brunswick Stews in Macon,” Justin said as he whiped his mouth. I’d be inclined to agree.

Sweet Tea:

It tasted just like Momma’s. That’s all I need to say.

Pulled Pork:

Justin disagrees with me here, but I enjoyed the pulled pork. It was tender, but they put the sauce on the pork for you. They use a mustard-based, which is my favorite for pulled pork. It was nice to have a sandwich where I didn’t feel like I was eating dried wood chips.



For myself, the pickles in the coleslaw overwhelmed the rest of the flavors. I’ve had much better, but I’ve had worse.

Pecan Pie:

I didn’t see where they pulled the pie from and how they heated it up, but I have some suspicions. The pie was good, but the woman who brought it to the table told me she has to warm it up. Was this a freezer pie from Kroger or a house-made pie they put in the fridge? I’m not sure.

The BAD:


I paid six dollars for a BBQ and pimento cheese sandwich. I expected it to come on a large hamburger bun. It came on two pieces of plain white toast. It wasn’t a lot of food for the price. The pork plate was a much better deal. But the cashier told us we’d get enough pork for two sandwiches. She might be right, if we didn’t eat like—well, college boys. I was still hungry when I left.


Get the ribs or a plate combo. This seems to be the best way to get more bang for your buck. Ask for sauce on the side. It’s an acquired taste.


NICK: 2.5/5

Justin: 2/5