Across the Globe with Mercer students


Image: Reka Keleman

Mercer University holds its annual study abroad/international student week.

Sterling Neill, Staff Writer

Mercer students who attended the study abroad activities were immersed in the beginning steps of what it takes to prepare for their trip across the world.

This year the week-long Study Abroad Fair consisted of many events catering to students seeking to become or already involved with international travel.

The events that were available to Mercer students included everything from movies and games to a Passport Day and information sessions about study abroad trips.

On Monday, Sept. 14, the group hosted a movie night, which featured “Argo.” The movie was about the cover the CIA used in 1980 to go into Iran and rescue six Americans who were trapped in Tehran during the United States Hostage Crisis. For Tuesday, Sept. 15, there was an International Game Night where students played card and board games from around the globe.

“It brought the international students together and taught us about the games in other countries,” said Kiko Ikeda, an international student from Japan.

Then on Wednesday, Sept. 16, a Study Abroad Fair was set up in Cruz Plaza where various students and faculty members conversed with others about traveling opportunities and their personal experiences.

There were several booths set up for various countries, but there were also booths from International universities. Each “university booth” had a Mercer international student there to discuss the opportunities that the particular university offered to its students.

“They are like exchange programs, like the one I am currently doing,” said Reka Keleman, an international student from Hungary.

On Thursday Sept. 17, there was a Passport Day and an exchange program information session.

The Passport Day was basically a day in which Mercer students could fill out a form, take a picture, and pay a fee of $110 in order to receive a passport.

“It’s great to do everything in one place,” said Beth Walker, study abroad advisor at Mercer University.

While the Passport Day provided an efficient way for students to get passports, the exchange student information session helped students understand the specifics, of traveling abroad and staying for an extended period of time during the semester.

For the Friday of Sept. 18, advising and financial planning sessions were held for interested students.

Students could meet with an advisor and decide the necessary steps in order to move towards being able to study abroad as well as the logistics of going on the trip.

These include the credits a student may receive, the entire cost of the trip, and the transportation methods for the trip.

Friday concluded the study abroad information and gathering week, but there were two added events on the following Monday Sept. 21: the Oxford Program Session and the International Gala.

The Oxford Program Session event discussed Mercer’s study abroad opportunity to go to England and study at Oxford.

The International Gala was held to help all Mercer students, domestic and international, come together and learn about one another in a comfortable space.