Get to Know Your SGA Vice President


Image: Mercer University Student Government Association

SGA Vice President Taylor Jolly is a senior public health student. Photograph taken during her time in office as a junior senator.

Taylor Jolly, SGA Vice President

When I stepped onto campus three years ago, I never imagined how much this university would pour into me. It seems like last semester I was meeting my freshman roommate, taking an hour to search for my classes on the quad and pretending to be cooler than I actually was. Now, here I am as a senior welcoming you to Mercer and wishing I were you so I could experience everything all over again.

I started Mercer adamant about being a business major through the influence of my father. After one year here, I realized that I had found another avenue I loved more. I had a passion for service learning and public health. After corresponding through several long and quarrelsome emails, I decided that I was going to major in global health whether my father liked it or not. He didn’t. However, once I made that decision, everything clicked. I had found something that I was truly enthusiastic to learn. The days of lying on the MEP floor panicking over what to do with my life were over.  One of the hardest things as a freshman is that your future seems to hang on the line the moment you step on campus. You’re in a new place with new friends. Then suddenly, you have to make all of these decisions that determine your life after you graduate.

Following my passion for global health against my dad’s wishes was difficult, but the idea of a career in global health excited me far beyond anything else I had considered. Mercer is full of intense and passionate people. We excel at what we do because we love our classes, our research and this school. You will find what makes your heart and head happy. Don’t be afraid of choosing the wrong thing for your future or not making your parents happy.  Don’t be afraid because even if you don’t know your passion, you’ll stumble upon it when you least expect it.

Freshmen year I certainly didn’t think I could be passionate about student government. However, after an overflow of encouragement from fellow Mercerians, I decided to run for Junior Senator. I’ve been able to see how much of an impact each student makes on Mercer. I’m proud to now be the vice president of an organization that has such potential to implement positive change in the community that I love.

In my time here, Mercer has changed tremendously. I’ve been able to witness Mercer’s first football game since 1941 and watch Mercer beat Duke in basketball. Mercer on Mission continues to make great strides for service learning abroad. Our campus is taking a stand on issues we care about, such as preventing sexual violence. I am unbelievably grateful for the opportunity to be a part of more changes that will occur within the next year.

Mercer has changed me. It’s given me a desire for community and learning. Mercerians have shown me what it means to be kind and how to be a friend. I have such an intense pride for this school, and I hope three years from now you love it just as much as I do.

Go Bears!

Taylor Jolly

Vice President, Student Government Association