Harrison/Jolly win SGA Presidential Election

Harrison/Jolly win SGA Presidential Election

After a revote and even more campaigning, Austin Harrison and Taylor Jolly won the SGA presidential election today with 52 percent of the vote.

The revote was called earlier this week after questions were raised about the “integrity” of the voting process, current SGA President Joey Wozniak said Tuesday.

Even with the revote, over a thousand people voted in the election. It appears that students preferred to vote electronically this election with 1,153 of the total 1,156 votes being “electronic votes,” according to a document from SGA showing the Presidential Election Results.

Harrison and Jolly, campaigning with the slogan “#TheTeam,” published on social media what they call the “Game Plan.” In it, they outlined how they wanted to connect and empower student organizations; strengthen relationships with the students, administration, and the community; as well as how they want make the campus more “green.”

“In the past, SGA has approached initiatives and issues from a top-down approach,” Harrison said in his platform. “It is our goal to instead work alongside students as partners in our endeavors.”

The duo made a point to highlight their campus and community involvement on social media throughout the entire campaign.

Melina Hettiaratchi, senior senator, said on Facebook that she voted for Harrison and Jolly’s campaign.

“They have students’ interests at the center of their vision for SGA, and I believe they have the most comprehensive, practical, and all-around better plan to connect students with the powers that be,” she said.

#TheTeam won by just 50 votes.