5 things: Bearstock 2015, Medical Marijuana Bill, Ebola's making a comeback? and more

5 things: Bearstock 2015, Medical Marijuana Bill, Ebola's making a comeback? and more

Who’s playing at Bearstock?

For the past month, guess what was our website’s “most-searched engine term”? Yes, that’s right — Bearstock 2015. The announcement you’ve all been waiting to hear will be made on March 4. Mercer’s Quadworks plans to release the list of headliners over social media. The Cluster will also publish an article providing you with a little background on the headliners immediately after the list is leaked. So be on the lookout, and don’t forget to refresh your Twitter feed every two seconds on March 4. Quadworks also plans on dropping this year’s banner with Bearstock’s theme in Connell Student Center.

Medical Marijuana bill

Do you remember that article The Cluster published on Maggie Callaway? If you don’t, click here to read it. Basically, sometime this month the Senate is voting on whether to pass a bill that would legalize cannabis oil to treat people suffering with medical disorders, such as Maggie’s seizure disorder, in Georgia. Last Wednesday, the House passed Sen. Allen Peake’s bill with a 158-2 vote. There’s still a chance for it to not pass in the Senate, so be on the lookout for what happens this year.

Socon Tournament

The Bears beat East Tennesse during their Senior Day game on Saturday ending with a score of (69-64). Darius Moten and  T.J. Hallice — the only two senior players on the roster — played well for their last game. Moten scored 16 points and Hallice scored 12. Now, the bears will travel up to Asheville for the final four tournament. The tournament runs from March 5-9 2015 in the at UNC Asheville’s Kimmel arena.

Putin critic slain

On Friday, one of Vladmir Putin’s biggest critics, Boris Nemtsov, was murdered just outside the steps from the Kremlin. The killing was the highest-profile political assasination in Russia during the 15-year rule of President Putin, according to the Washington Post. There was a memorial march in oppositing the Friday night murder.

Ebola’s Back?

Just when the U.S. thought Ebola was a thing of the past, sick fishermen arrive onto the shores of Sierra Leone with cases of Ebola, according to The New York Times. Now Sierra Leone is presented with a new dilemma with the arrival of the infected mariners combined with a recent easing fo anti-Ebola measures, persistent community resistance to contaiment measures and misunderstanding  has contributed to the surge in the capital.