Forever to Know

I remember the day we met. I wore purple ribbons in my hair.

They matched the baby bop t-shirt I was wearing. That we were wearing.

We swore we would be friends until our hair were grey. Until old age made our voices shake.

I remember when your grandpa died; we held hands throughout the wake. And when my dad left, you wiped away my tears.

When we were 15 you fell in love with the preacher’s son. He stayed busy with church events like camps and youth meetings and soon enough, so did you. We hung out weekly and swapped stories. You about him and I about the silly high school social stuff.

We graduated high school all bright eyed about the future. You were gonna travel the world to build schools and I wanted to do something in science. I see you once a year around the holiday season and we keep up with each other through social media. But it’s not the same no matter how many emails and birthday cards are signed with ‘Your Best Friend’

You only travelled once. It was brief and to somewhere tropical. I see pictures on your Facebook of your children; you are never in them.

I wonder if you still dream of teaching orphan children. I wonder if you still dream. I wonder if you are happy.

I think of you often. It’s funny, best friends can become strangers with no one to blame.