Cluster moving to CCJ


Last week Mercer’s student newspaper, The Cluster, moved from Connell Student Center to a new location.

The office and headquarters of the paper is now in the Center for Collaborative Journalism.

Emily Farlow, the editor and chief of The Cluster, hopes that the move will create more of a student interest in the newspaper.

“The past couple of years we have really struggled with issues like small staff sizes and lack of interest,” Farlow said. “I’m hoping that with a physical presence in the CCJ more students will write for us because we will be more visible.”

Also located next to the CCJ is The Telegraph and Farlow hopes that there will be a stronger collaboration with the Macon paper and Georgia Public Broadcasting.

“I’m looking forward to being so close to the professionals over at The Telegraph, who I am hoping will offer feedback on the paper and help us make it better,” Farlow said.

The closer proximity to GPB will also give students access to equipment to provide more audio elements for online stories.

Farlow is looking forward to adding audio to stories and she hopes that it will encourage more students to listen in and support the local GPB station.

If any student is interested in writing articles or taking photos for The Cluster they can email Emily at [email protected].

“We are always looking for new talent,” Farlow said, “Working at a student newspaper looks great on resumes, even if you are not interested in journalism.”