Spring fashion

Spring is finally here, so we can stow away our winter wardrobe for the warmer weather to come. Spring is generally associated with bright colors and freshness. You can easily incorporate the qualities of spring into your attire with a few simple tips (for both guys and girls).

Get creative with color. Again, spring is all about light and bright colors. Pastel colors are a good way to be subtle but colorful at the same time. If you really want a dramatic burst of color, try going for the neons. If your outfit is plain, dress it up with fun accessories. You could simply add a colored belt, jacket, cardigan, jewelry or shoes for that extra pop of color. For girls, colorful and patterned sundresses are a must. For guys, colored blazers or pants are definite options to consider.

Hats and scarves are always fun. If winter has beanies, spring has fedoras. Fedoras are a huge hat trend suitable for warm weather. Guys and girls can dress up any outfit by simply donning this hat. Fedoras come in all different designs, so go get yourself one that fits you. Also, summer scarves are a nice way to add color and texture to your outfit. A plain shirt on its own can become boring, so adding an appropriate scarf would instantly dress up the shirt. If they match, the fedora and scarf can be worn together, as well.

Denim jackets can still benefit your wardrobe. There seem to be mixed opinions on denim jackets. Some say they’re old-fashioned; others say they’re still hip. Overall, these jackets can be hit or miss depending on how you wear them. Try putting on a denim jacket over a shirt or dress to give your outfit a crisp and casual feel. However, beware of wearing denim as a bottom, as this jean-on-jean style could look really tacky.

Bring out the shades. Everyone knows sunglasses make you look instantly cooler. These can definitely be worn as a fashion statement. You can keep it classy with simple sunglasses, or go crazy with some funky ones. There are so many different types and styles of sunglasses, from aviators to wayfarers, so you can’t go wrong in finding one that suites your attire (or feeling) for the day. When you’re not wearing them, you can prop them on your head, or hang them somewhere on your top. This can instantly make a chic accessory, and you barely have to do a thing. Sunglasses are also great for their practical use — protecting your eyes from the sun. Your eyes are happy, and you look chill. It’s a win-win situation.