April Fools’ pranks you should have pulled

April Fools’ Day has now come and gone. If you missed your opportunity to pull a prank this year, here are a few ideas you can use on your unsuspecting friends next year.

Airhorn on the Door

This first prank is cheap and easy to pull off. All you have to do is get an airhorn and attach it to a doorknob so that when the door opens, the top of the horn hits the wall and goes off. When your roommate enters your dorm room and hears the noise, they will jump out of their shoes, or perhaps just assume it is another fire alarm if you live in Shorter Hall.

Hose Down

If you live in a residence with a kitchen sink and nozzle attachment, all you need for some April Fools’ hilarity is a rubber band. Wrap the band around the nozzle handle and face it about where your roommate would stand if he or she were to use the sink. When your roommate turns on the water, rather than coming from the faucet, it will spray them down when they least suspect it. Do not attempt this if your roommate is a Gremlin or the Wicked Witch of the West.

An Acquired Taste

Here is a prank that does not directly affect anyone, unless it makes them lose their lunch. Walk around campus eating or drinking some of your favorite snacks but out of odd containers. A few favorites include vanilla pudding in a mayonnaise jar or Powerade in a cleaning solution (like Windex) bottle. People will be grossed out or have a good laugh without being the butt of the joke.

Push or Pull?

This prank will take a few tools, patience and the willingness to take apart your refrigerator. Remove the hinges that open your refrigerator (or freezer) and move them to the other side. When your roommate attempts to open the door as normal, it will not budge. The effectiveness and difficulty of this prank depends on the unit you have, so scout it out before attempting this prank.

Save the Football!

This is another relatively harmless prank that will get more laughs than anything from the recipient. Dress up in a black suit with a white shirt and black tie. Put on some dark sunglasses and keep one hand close to your ear as if you have a wireless transmitter that you are listening to. Follow your friend around as if he or she is the President of the United States and whisper to your secret, non-existent wrist radio.

Who’s the Dummy?

This practical joke is most effective as a long term prank. Get a stuffed Halloween dummy and dress it up however you please. Then, leave the dummy in your friends cars, beds, desks or wherever they will find it and freak out. You can repeat this gag in multiple locations when the victim least expects it. It works even better if you leave the dummy in a dark room and the person turns on a light to reveal your stuffed friend. This prank is also especially effective on The Cluster entertainment editor Rachel Snapp.