Letter in response to ‘A note to Mercer’s music school’

I first off want to thank Parker Van Riper for the tasteful response to my article in the Feb. 19 issue of The Cluster. From what I’ve heard, she provided one of the more gentle responses to my article, and I appreciate that. With that being said, I need to apologize for two things. First, the purpose of my article was not to offend, or to critique, but rather to inspire. I wasn’t pointing an accusatory finger, or calling anybody out, exactly. I was merely pointing out that it would be nice to see a bit more involvement between the different schools. 

Second, I would like to specifically address my comments regarding the fliers and promotions. It seems apparent that I did indeed miss some fact-checking on my part. Just because I didn’t see the advertisements doesn’t mean they’re not there. I do apologize for that bit. 

Overall, I hope we can all come out of this as colleagues and friends.