#Mercerprobs gives students a voice

Mercer University SGA is utilizing social media in order to provide a voice for the student body with the new their Facebook campaign called “#Mercerprobs”

On Feb. 10 Senior Senator Allie Straka created the Facebook page “#Mercerprobs” in hopes of providing a platform for students to voice their concerns. The page encourages students to fill out student input forms and tell SGA about their problems on campus.

As of now, the page has 350 likes on Facebook and over 60 posts from students. The most popular complaints from students are about the limited food options from Aramark and lack of  parking on campus. However, students are welcomed to file complaints that pertain to any of SGA’s campus life committees.

“We’ve already gotten some really great input, and it’s awesome to see so many students who have thoughtful and well-written responses to the Google form. People are thankful that they have this opportunity and I feel like it’s long over due,” Straka said.

When it comes to filling out the student input forms, specificity is key in guiding the senators in the decision making process and who they should talk to.

Straka wants to make sure the student body is aware of the active effort SGA is taking to create a voice for students. “If students want something to happen, we can speak to those people who can make it happen,” Straka said.

The SGA senate has talked about possibly introducing the hash tag onto Twitter, but as of now, Straka plans on focusing her efforts on the Facebook page

Overall, Straka said that the Facebook page could be an effective tool in linking students to campus.  “I think if we (SGA) don’t keep our thumb on the pulse of what students are saying about campus and different ways to improve Mercer’s community then I think we are losing sight of who we are as SGA.”