Bear Essentials: Make a Valentine

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and for all the happy couples around campus that means date nights, romance and, of course, gifts.  We all know the staples of Valentine’s Day gift giving – chocolate and flowers. But maybe you’re looking to put a little bit more into your gift than just a trip to the store this year.  Or maybe you’re running a little low on cash, still waiting on your refund check, but still wanting a special something for your significant other.  In that case, try something new with these homemade Valentine’s Day gift ideas.

Does your significant other love movies?  Try making a personalized movie basket for a gift and date night all in one.  This works as a gift for both ladies and gentlemen.  First, find a movie that your significant other does not own but has mentioned wanting to see or having loved in theaters and buy it.  Do not assume the movie has to be romantic just because it’s Valentine’s Day – just choose something you will both enjoy.  The movie can be part of the main gift portion, and if you would like a movie marathon, buy or bring others movies, too.  Then, place the movie (or movies) in a basket or gift bag before filling it with other items to make the perfect movie date night.  For example, remember to bring unpopped bags of popcorn, your date’s favorite kind of soda and plenty of his or her favorite movie candies.  This gift is entirely customizable for each couple’s tastes, and the effort you make remembering and finding the things your date loves will matter.

For those whose significant other has a serious sweet tooth, consider gifting a recipe jar.  Does your significant other love your homemade brownies?  Or maybe they love your homemade hot chocolate mix.  Take a clean, empty Mason jar with a working lid and tie a string around the neck of the jar.  Attach your recipe for homemade brownies, hot chocolate or cookies to the string.  Then, fill the jar with the mix, and your gift is ready to go.  For a little something sweet for the actual day, you can go ahead and make a plateful of your brownies to satisfy your special someone’s sweet tooth.

Is your significant other obsessed with coffee or tea?  Try making a personalized mug for your favorite coffee-holic.  It’s easy.  All you’ll need is a porcelain mug, a sharpie and an oven.  Draw or write on your significant other’s cup. Whether you choose to doodle or write is entirely up to you.  Then, simply bake the cup for 30 minutes at 350 degrees in your oven.  Finally, wait until it has completely cooled to wash or use.  Just make sure to let your significant other know that their gift is hand wash only.

These are just a few ideas about how to make your Valentine’s Day gift a little more personal this year.  Countless other homemade gift ideas are out there too, including classics, like coupon books and thoughtful poems. However, only you can decide what your significant other would enjoy most.