College-Priced dates

Since most students find college to be a time of newfound freedom and exposure to new people, the university experience is also typically a time peppered with dates. However, in the flurry of finding a sweetheart, one runs the risk of spending a good bit of money. On top of school, work or extracurricular activities, a relationship could become another stress factor financially. However, fear not, for there are many inexpensive and creative ways to enjoy spending time with your significant other without breaking your wallet.

Go for a walk. Taking an extended walk around campus or an area with nice surroundings is the perfect way to carry a conversation while enjoying the scenery.

Cook together. Plan a delicious meal with your partner and make the kitchen a party.

Go to sporting events. If you and your partner are into sports, you can make it a date and cheer on the Bears together.

Have a themed movie marathon. Disney, Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings, superheroes… The list goes on.

Go ice-skating. Take a trip to the local ice-skating rink, and laugh together as you fall on your behinds. The ice rink may be cold, but your hearts will be warm.

Attend events together. If there is a play, concert, art gallery or other event taking place, take advantage of these inexpensive (or free) entertainment options with your significant other.

Volunteer together. Helping others and the community with your loved one sounds like a win-win situation. Also, it is a big plus to see the compassionate side of your partner.

Have a game night. Bring out the board games and see who is the ultimate champion. Perhaps you can invite other couples to challenge (and defeat).

Read together. This one is for the book lovers. Share your favorite reads and discover some new ones together, as well. Maybe take turns reading to each other.

Go bowling. Take a trip to the local bowling alley, and bring on the strikes. High-fives will be necessary.

Work on a puzzle together. You and your partner can create a masterpiece that is only special to the two of you. The whole process can be a fun and peaceful experience.

Exercise together. Motivate and support one another in losing weight or staying fit. Being healthy together can contribute to a healthy relationship.

Have a photoshoot. Bring out your cameras, find some nice scenery and snap away. Pretend to be models or take selfies together. Creativity and silliness will be at their peak.

Go window shopping. Grab a little snack or drink at the food court, and stroll through the stores together. No purchases required.

Spending quality time with your significant other does not always require breaking the bank. Be creative and open-minded about different things you and your loved one could do to enjoy each other’s company.