Renovations made to Mercer Tower

Corey Zeller, head of the Campus Safety and Improvements Committee within the Student Government Association, is currently leading a project to improve the historical room that all visitors go into before ascending to the tower. “The room is dated,” said Zeller,  so the committee is using the funds appropriated to them to reframe and organize the documents and pictures currently hanging on the walls, as well as to put new and more recent pictures up to “showcase modern Mercer, as well as past Mercer.”

Zeller and his committee are in partnership with Vonne Sheffield, the administrative assistant to President Underwood, and Zeller recently met with her to finalize details before the committee begins its work this week.

“Climbing the tower is a tradition for all Mercer students and alumni that return, so we want to make sure that this room is up to date, and it’s up to the standards of a private university, especially a university as good as Mercer.”

Zeller said that the committee is still in the early phases of the process. Other members of the committee include senator Sarah Richardson and student correspondent Lidia Debesay.