5 Valentine’s Day gifts not to give

Valentine’s Day is an exclusive Christmas for those of us that aren’t single and lonely. The main problem with it though is that – unlike Christmas – this holiday isn’t all about that whole “It’s the thought that counts” stuff. If you mess this one up, you could very well end up in the “single and lonely” group from before.

While that does put a lot of vulnerable, freshly-single, college-aged ladies out there, I’ve decided that I should make it my job to help my fellow man out, this year. Gentlemen, here are five things to not get your significant other for Valentine’s Day.

1)Wrong Flowers 

You’re probably wondering what “wrong” flowers are. That’s because you’re a dude, and there’s a good chance that you wouldn’t know a Hydrangea flower if it slapped you around with its petals. Of course, maybe some of you know how in the Victorian Era, flowers were commonly given as gifts to people as a representation of their character.

It’s common knowledge that a red rose means “love,” but if you give your beloved a bouquet containing white tulips and red roses, you’re also offering forgiveness. Saying “I’m sorry that I love you,” doesn’t exactly scream “romance.”

Check online for different flower meanings, and call a local florist to arrange something personal and special.

2) Hershey’s Kisses

Hershey’s Kisses have long been a staple of Valentine’s day, being shared around grade schools for decades. You’re probably wondering why I’ve included it on the list, and why one of the most iconic products of February 14th is something I’m saying you can’t get for your special person.

That’s because they’re too good for them.

While Hershey’s makes some excellent sweet treats, it would really mean a lot more to simply pay a little extra for Ghirardelli, or maybe some Lindor truffles. You don’t have to be a connoisseur to be able to distinguish some really good chocolate from more economical products.

3) Expensive Jewelry

If you’re a lady and you’re reading this, you probably just frowned.

Seriously, though – Valentine’s Day isn’t about the price-tag on the piece. Your gift should be special and unique. Don’t just go to any fancy jeweler and pick the shiniest bracelet you can. While the recipient probably wouldn’t have any complaints, you should try to rely on your heart, rather than your wallet.

It should be noted that you should take this with a grain of salt. Jewelry isn’t completely off the list for ideas. Just make sure it’s something special. Birthstones always go over well, and if you can get some sort of story behind the gift, then it really can be something priceless.

4) Cheap Jewelry

While the idea isn’t to just buy the biggest diamond you can, keep in mind that you might not want to just pick the cheapest thing you can find. If your Dollar Tree earrings turn her ears blue, you’re not going to hear the end of it.

5) Nothing

You have to realize that no matter how many times your partner says “Oh, don’t get me anything,” it will hurt if you don’t get them anything. This is a day devoted to your lover. This is a time for even the coldest of people to show their soft sides. Don’t mess it up.

A close friend of mine told her boyfriend many times last year that all she wanted was flowers. He didn’t get her any. It really was a shame, because she deserved so much better than that. Don’t be that guy. Even something small can mean a lot. Take a little time, and think about what makes them smile. That’s really all there is to it.