SGA holds first meeting


Mercer University’s Student Government Association (SGA) held its first meeting on Monday. The meeting began with the swearing in of SGA’s newly elected freshmen representatives: Sarine Husein, Ngozidirichukwu Ihenacho, Logan Fowler, Elizabeth Mckay and Patrick Harris.

The meeting schedule included the discussion of six pieces of new business. Of the six new pieces of business discussed, five of them regarded new student organizations seeking SGA’s recognition and approval for funding.

According to SGA President Raymond Partolan, the majority of SGA’s budget goes directly to student organizations.

The clubs asking for SGA approval included a League of Legends club, Mercer Mentors, the National Black Students Association, Golden Key and Caribbean Student Association. Each of the student organizations did receive recognition with the exception of Golden Key. Golden Key had no representatives present at the meeting; SGA chose to postpone voting until the next meeting.

The final piece of business SGA discussed was a motion to amend SGA’s fiscal affairs bylaws, which would change the procedure SGA uses to distribute funds to student organizations. SGA voted to postpone the fiscal amendment vote until next week, pending approval from the student affairs department.