Fall Bear Wear

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All Photos by Patrick Hobbs/Cluster Staff
All Photos by Patrick Hobbs/Cluster Staff

Although many Mercer students often don the oh-so fashionable standby of the very comfortable t- shirt, shorts or jeans, and sandals in the heat of summer, some trendy Mercerians have been flaunting other new styles.

With jewelry, the trend is big and colorful necklaces. Whether it is a thick chain or a big-statement necklace, it can definitely brighten up an outfit. Charms like a crosses or are in style. You can also layer different necklaces for a new look. If you want to add a bit of elegance to your outfit, wear a set of pearls, or try out the classic style of black and gold accessories. Some other accessories that you can try are the ever-so-light clutch bag or a small cross-body purse. With so many colors and designs offered, it can add a nice touch to the perfect outfit.

Want to show off those legs? Wear a high-low dress or skirt to accentuate them–the longer length in the back can make legs seem longer. Or you can wear a short skater skirt.

And if you don’t feel like showing off your legs, pick a maxi skirt or dress. They give a very elegant look with their length and flow.

Crop tops, crop tops, crop tops are everywhere. These tops go well with a maxi skirt or shorts, or you can dress it down with sweats. There are also the embroidered or graphic tops and dresses, like the ones with studs on the shoulders or a fun image in the center. You can also try the peplum top, which tapers at the waist and flares out just at the hip.

An overall trend at the moment is geometric or Aztec-like shapes. These patterns are on clothing, scarves, jewelry, etc. Adding a patterned accessory with a solid or simple outfit will make it pop.

In the shoe department, you can never go wrong with a slender pair of sneakers like Keds or a pair of ballet flats. A pair of metallic flats can spice up any outfit. In the heat, sport a pair of wedges or t-strap sandals in different colors.

If you haven’t done your toenails in a while, you can try the classic loafer-style shoe. And if you want to get creative, you can get a plain pair of Keds or Toms, which are in style, and decorate them to make them unique.

Searching for a new look? Try a jumpsuit or romper! Whether it’s solid or patterned, it’s bound to bring compliments. And if you want to continue with an old-school look, get some overalls. It’s another alternative to the jumpsuit or romper.

High-waisted shorts create that nice hourglass figure that every woman loves and adds a 70s flare. These shorts can be found in many clothing stores, such as H&M or Forever 21, and in an array of colors. Colorful bottoms are definitely in right now, as well. But if you’re tired of skinny jeans, you could try some loose-fitting pants. They’re more comfortable and relaxing.

As the transition from summer to fall arrives, the colors are changing. Instead of bright-colored bottoms like red, blue, and orange, fall brings with it: army green, navy blue, grey, pale pink, peach, beige, rust red, wine, and golden yellow.

To take that summer look into the fall, throw on a plaid or denim shirt or a blazer. You can also show off a patterned scarf, narrow belt, and a pair of boots or booties. They can go with every outfit and change up your look. Also with the weather cooling down, you can go from denim to corduroy bottoms and pair it with a knit or crochet sweater.

Another look re-entering the scene is punk rock. This style includes darker colors, reminiscent of the motorcycle scene, like moto jackets, leather, and zippers, but this tough look can be softened with a bit of lace or tweed.

Want to get a little international? Try some stripes. They’re a hit with the French. Très bien, n’est-ce pas? They also sport a lot of black, which can really never be wrong. And you could always throw back to the Spice Girls era of shirts representing the British flag.