Career Services holds workshop

Mercer students have returned to campus, and the normal struggles of college life have resurfaced. By now, everybody has been reminded of just how expensive college life can be.

Whether it’s for tuition, books, technology or eating at restaurants with friends, money can disappear quickly.

One way to earn back all the money you’ve spent is to get a job. It may sound intimidating, but for those who are willing to take the initiative, the Office of Career Services has the resources and connections to help you in your search for employment.

Career Services recently held a workshop for all interested students on Sept. 4, titled “Starting the job search.” The two most important topics discussed at the workshop were the “Job Search Checklist” and the “Job Ready Fall 2013 Boot Camp” program.

The Job Search Checklist is an informational packet that lays out simple steps, hints, tips and tricks to make you appear more desirable as a potential employee. During the workshop, Career Services representatives went through each point, emphasizing and explaining how and what students should do to make the employment search easier, and how to place yourself above the crowd during the interviewing process.

The presentation also touched on the proper use of web tools for the job search. They offered general tips, including using social networks like Facebook and Twitter to enhance your personal career search.

They also spoke on how to use social networking to offer businesses a view into your personal life and who their potential new employee might be. The presentation also explained Mercer’s BearLink system, which is an online internal job and internship posting board for Mercer students.

Career Services is hosting a series of workshops this semester which are collectively called the Job Ready Fall 2013 Boot Camp. Career Services hosts this program and others like it in order to give students who are unfamiliar or worried about the job search a solid start, and is designed to prepare Mercer students for the transition from the classroom to the workplace.

The boot camp also offers mock interviews to hone your interview skills. At the end of the boot camp all those who have completed the program will receive a certificate, professional printed business cards and a leather portfolio.

For any questions about the job search, information about these programs and opportunities are available online at Career Services’ website, reer. You can also visit the Office of Career Services on the top floor of Connell Student Center.